Building A Positive Teacher-Parent Relationship

A positive Parent-Teacher Relationship is a two-way communication which benefits the parents and teachers. The way in which schools interact with parents affects the extent of parent’s involvement with their children's learning. 
When parents are more involved in their children's education, they get ideas from the school on how to help and support their children. Based on extensive research, some of the benefits children enjoy from a strong Teacher-Parent relationship performance are increased motivation for learning, improved behaviour and academic achievement. 
Communication Strategies 
Communicate with the Teachers – parents should approach their children’s class teachers and endeavour to create a Teacher-Parent-Child partnership which is geared towards problem solving and not just confronting the teacher with what is wrong. If your child is having academic challenges, you can brainstorm with the class teacher on ways to help the child.
Communicate with the Parents – inform the parents you want to partner with them because you appreciate their support and look forward to working them. It’s key to also inform the parents about what is going on in the school – what the pupils are learning and what they achieved within the academic term.  When parents help their kids with school home works and projects, it further reinforces what they are taught in school. 
Parents and Teachers should have the information they need to help the pupils in a form that makes it easy to understand. They should also make contact fast when a problem has been identified to offer a timely solution which would nip the situation in the bud because procrastination can create more problems. Always stay consistent and follow-through, to give parents frequent and on-going feedback on how their wards are performing in school. 

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