The Delicious Power of Smoothie

Smoothie is a beverage made from blended fruits and/or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products and sweeteners. It maybe a challenge convincing your children to eat fruits and vegetables but Smoothies offer a fun twist by providing fun and creative ways of enjoying these nourishing goodness everyday. These are some of the benefits of smoothies- 
Brain Boost – aside from the basic fruits and vegetables, you can also add a variety of spices, herbs and superfoods which are full of vitamins and minerals . These nutrients help to develop the intellectual capacity of children and improve mental clarity, memory and focus. Say the goodbye to brain fog and hello to the super genius in your kids!
Quick and Delicious – most kids love the creamy taste of smoothie naturally sweetened by fruits or natural sweeteners like marble syrup or honey. Also making smoothies doesn’t take a long time compared to cooking most foods and there are many kid friendly recipes you can explore which will also serve as a convenient option. 
Energy and Athletic Performance – give your children the right fuel they need to stand out in athletic competitions. Smoothies also provide more energy to rebuild and recover after work for both short and long term. Because its easier for the body to absorb and assimilate nutrients faster in smoothie as opposed to a meal. 
Detox and Digestion – children are exposed to a high consumption rate of processed foods which is unhealthy and it affects their optimal growth and development. Give your kids a cup of green smoothie everyday to detoxify their bodies and give their digestive system a break. Smoothies provide an excellent supply of dietary fibers which help to prevent constipation or digestion.
Immunity and Empowerment – a daily dose of fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of falling ill and reduces the severity of the sickness by strengthening your immune system. It also helps you to take control of your children’s health by ensuring they meet their body’s  daily nutritional needs by blending a couple of serving of fruits and vegetables into a smoothie.
Healthy Eating education – by making smoothies a part of your children's diet, it helps you to learn more about what constitute a balanced and healthy diet. It also helps to inform kids about the importance of fruits and vegetables.

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