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Term 2, February 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians 

As we reflect on our first half of the term, we can’t help marveling at the obvious delight emanating from the faces of the children we see every day. The atmosphere of joyful learning has become widespread and contagious. We see it in new and old pupils in awe of their beautiful environment where the possibilities to learn seem endless. Their contentment is also expressed with the warm greetings we receive from the wonderful children everyday as we visit classrooms.

This term we gave ourselves the task of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and pupil achievement to the next level of “GREATNESS”.

At Newland Elementary, we are dedicated to a child centered program that promotes academic excellence through an enriched, rigorous inter-disciplinary curriculum.

Our goal is to ensure that all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive reader, diligent researchers and prolific writers. As a school, our staff are here to support all our pupils by any means necessary, to ensure they reach their fullest academic potential. We look forward to working with you, our parents and the members of the community to provide a high quality education that our children all deserve.

On behalf of the staff of our great school, I want to thank you for being a part our school family where SUCCESS IS NOT AN OPTION…BUT AN EXPECTATION. Wishing you a wonderful second half term




This half term has been an interesting and educating one for both the pupils and the members of staff. The following events took place during the first part of the term.

  • Abacus Training 
  • Medical Screening - Audiometry
  • Vaccination 
  • Sports day
  • Black history month


Electives and Spirit Days

Electives still holds every Friday. Electives available this term are Toddler’s Shake, Creative Dance, Taekwondo, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Book Club, Science Club, Chess Club, Football Club, Cookery Club and Lego Club.

The following school spirit days were observed in the first half of the term

  • Kite Day
  • Umbrella Day
  • Pre-Valentine's Day


Learning Visits 

Learning visits afford pupils in your school to have a topic to be discussed in a term as it is widely accepted that, children learn better by seeing and doing, we therefore plan, as in customary in our school, to use a practical approach to teach the topics to be discussed. Pupils embarked on learning visits to the following places this term.

1. Reception 2: Spar Supermarket at MM2, Airport.

2. Year 2: First city monument bank

3. Year 3: Seven up bottling company

All other classes will also have the privilege enjoyed by the classes mentioned above when we resume for the second half of the term.


School Competitions 

The following school competitions were observed in the first half of the term.

  • Spelling Bee competition ​
  • Debate Assembly 



It’s been a wonderful first half term and I believe we all have been putting in our best in our academics and extracurricular activities.

Term 2 charity drive has kicked off and it is geared towards collection of clothes that you no longer wear or use.  These must be in good wearable/useable condition. Here, parents have been asked to kindly allow their child(ren) assist in selecting these items in other for them to be a part of the activity.

These items will be donated to the Red cross Society of Nigeria to support them in their recovery programme which is aimed at helping those who had been affected by natural or manmade disaster within the country. We look forward to parents' active participation to make this term's charity drive a Huge success. Please Donate!!

Thanks and God bless 

Columnist: Mrs Ossai



Character Education 

Compassion :the trait for the month of February. It is about having sympathy for the pains of others and doing things that will benefit them. Having compassion shows that one really cares about others and whatever they are going through. Showing care towards one another would make the world a better place for all. Being compassionate makes one think about how one’s decision affects others.

Columnist: Mrs. Binbat.




In the last editions under this column, we started a discussion on “how to mind our manners”. In this edition we will be continuing on “minding your manners”

Proper etiquette is tricky as it often highlights our position in society and workplace and even our homes. At its best, etiquette has the capacity to invoke thoughtfulness and hospitality, a set of guidelines to help us navigate the situations and places that we share with our fellow human beings. At the same time, it’s easy to use etiquette to distance ourselves from others. An overuse of formality can bring about separation, creating feelings of confusion and shame.

When people don’t know the social rules in a situation, they’re declaring that they are strangers, that they’re not one of us. How we respond to that, both as the ‘US’ and as the NOT-US is critical. If we choose separation, then we have chosen narrowness and if we choose kindness, then we have chosen connections, respect and we’ve opened the world around us. The question is which way will you choose to live? I leave you with this question to ponder on but either way, try being kind, treat people fairly and see what happens.

I hope you enjoyed this edition write up. See you in the next edition where more light would be thrown on “the importance of minding our manners” Till then,


Columnist – Miss Shobayo



Admin Manager 

We use this medium to inform you that Mrs. Aneto no longer works in the capacity of the school’s Admin Manager.  The new Admin Manager is Mr. Adeshile, a seasoned educator and administrator.  He can be reached on the regular school Admin and other official lines.


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