Our School Standards

We believe rules are necessary in our school to enable children to learn in a calm and purposeful atmosphere, for teachers to teach, and to ensure the safety of all. We operate a positive behaviour policy which is based on mutual respect and adherence to our school standards:

  1. We know that there is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place.
  2. We respect the rights of others by:

    (a) Treating their belongings with care

    (b) Never going through their desks or bags

  3. We laugh with people and not at people
  4. We share our things, especially when they help the whole group.
  5. We realize that a person

    (a) Puts up (with inconveniences)

    (b) Owns up (if wrong)

    (c) Keeps quiet (if his talk injures others)

  6. We follow the voice rule by

    (a) Having “no voice” when someone else is talking

    (b) Having a quiet voice during work periods, art periods, and committee meetings.

    (c) Having a loud voice on the playground only.

  7. We never make fun of, or criticize the clothes, appearance, home, family, race, nationality or religion of other people.
  8. We may criticize the way they do or do not follow our school standards.

    We know when the teacher says “My turn” it means “stop, look and listen”.

  9. When we exit from the classroom, we

    (a) Keep our hands to ourselves

    (b) Always control the volume of our voices

    (c) Keep the rule of a polite society in mind about letting others go ahead.

  10. We greet every adult and each other we meet in a courteous manner.
  11. We do not run nor push each other on the corridor or stairs
  12. We never use foul languages
  13. We strive to remain neat and tidy throughout the school day.
  14. We put all refuse in the waste paper baskets
  15. We wash our hands after using the toilet.
  16. We practice the lessons and good manners we are taught at ethics and etiquette meetings.

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