Our Successes

Our pupils continue to make good progress from entry into our school and perform well in all academic areas especially in Numeracy, Literacy, Information Technology and Science. We continuously review our subjects, the idea being to gain a better understanding of how we deliver and how the pupils cope with these subjects, across all year groups and classes in the school.

These reviews have allowed us to make minor but important adjustments to all aspects of the subjects and our teaching.

Our performance confirms and places us among the top schools in Nigeria. This is a position that pupils, teachers and the Board of Directors of our School care justifiably proud.

Winning the National Total Quality School of the Year award over the last four consecutive years including 2012,as well as wining the West Africa School of the Year 2011 in effective teaching delivery amongst others 2009 is a testament to this.

As we continue to review our curriculum in order to sustain the improvements, the trend in our performance has been a most positive one and one that we WILL sustain.


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