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When and How to Apply

We are delighted that you are considering Newland Elementary School for your child’s education and we look forward to working with you in close partnership.  We recognize that choosing the right school for your child is a decision that goes beyond the high and positive reputation or local appeal that NES enjoys.   

The goal of the admissions process is to ease your child’s entry into Newland Elementary at the appropriate stage between Pre-School 1 and Year6 and to welcome your whole family into the Newland community.  

We accept pupils throughout the year and strongly encourage parents to apply as early as possible. Please note that in order to speed up the decision of acceptance, it is important to submit all the required documents.

Our academic school year runs from September through July.


Requirements for Admission

Prospective Newland Elementary School pupils enteringduringthe 2015-2016 Academic Year:

The Admissions Office encourages prospective families to visit the School, evaluate our academic standards, school ethos, ask questions about our curriculum or any other area of interest and submit an application

Applications for Admission to the Newland Elementary School should be completed and submitted to the Admissions Office no later than August 31 2015. Rolling admissions takes place after this date, provided that space is available. 

Completion of Newland Elementary School's application requires:

  •  A completed application form. Forms may be filled online on our website or from the school Admin Office. For forms filledonline, attach the required supporting documents and click the submit button.
  • Registration forms have a cost of N4500 (Four Thousand Five Hundred Naira). For those filling the forms online, bank details may be obtained on our site and payment made into the account. Attach scanned copies of the proof of payment to the forms online before submitting the form. Alternatively payment can be made at the school Accounts office, when you visit the school.
  • After online registration, a parent will still be required to fill in application forms at the school for the personal file of each child.
  • School visit and follow-up conversation with the Academic Managers
  • Copy of last session’s report sheets from your child’s current school
  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of your child’s immunisation record
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs of your child
  • Any test results that address your child’s academic, psychological or health needs
  • Completed Home-School Agreement
  • For family or student situations where the school may need some additional information (such as divorced, custody issues, or other special family circumstances), a letter or specific documents may be requested.
  • Copy of Residence Permit: International Families


Parents are responsible for submitting the relevant documents to the admissions office after completing the web site on-line registration form correctly. Should false information be provided, the application will be suspended or cancelled.

Every child applying to the school from Reception Two will be given an assessment. This is mainly to establish he academic level of the child in order to identify pupils that may be achieving below grade level and require Learning support Services.


Waiting List

Applicants who cannot be enrolled due to lack of space will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.  These waiting lists may be formed as early as March for the forthcoming school year.  Applicants are accepted off the waiting list, once space become available.

If you have received communication from us indicating that your child has been placed on the waiting list, we require an email from you informing us of your wish to keep your child on the waiting list.  If confirmation has not been received by the date shown on the waitlist letter, the pupil will be removed from the waiting list and the application will be considered withdrawn. 


Contact Admissions

When contacting the school please address your correspondence to

The Admin Manager



Tel: 08074189534

Tel: 014546512




The Academic Manager



Tel: 07062888832

Tel: 014546512


Application fee:   N4500 (Four Thousand Five Hundred Naira only) (To be deposited in the relevant account below)


Bank Account Details

Bank Name: Skye Bank PLC

Account Name: Newland Elementary School Ltd.

Account Number: 1771373453