Green Corner

Our society is facing issues of climate change, energy crisis, water shortages and environmental pollution. Our school is already a part of the solution to these challenges and has demonstrated this commitment to environment stewardship.

As a green school we teach our pupils recycling, water, energy and electricity conservation. We learn about plants and animals around us. 

We keep our school clean, warm and tidy.

We do all of theses to save the environment and become more environment friendly.

Some of our green activities include

  1. Setting up a Recycling Point in school.
  2. Ensuring the use of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to reduce our school waste.
  3. Planting Trees
  4. Conserving energy etc.



Don’t be MEAN!

Keep our school CLEAN!


Be seen to be GREEN!



  1. The staff and pupils aim to reduce our school waste
  2. We aim to recycle some of our school waste 
  3. we aim to reuse some of our school waste


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