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We accept pupils who can be successful in the daily academic program, provided there is space available in the grade.  In addition, we offer appropriate Pupil-centred instruction for pupils with identified mild to moderate learning needs through our Learning Support Services. Particular support is provided for Reading, Mathematics and hand-writing. We do not have a program for pupils who require support for severe learning needs. However we’re happy to work with external specialist support agencies and therapists for the benefit of children that may require specialized support.

Admission to Newland Elementary is non-discriminatory and open to all pupils without regard to race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin. We invite applications from pupils who can benefit from a broad, balanced, rich curriculum.

We use the age placement scale for class admission.  In cases where pupils come from a school using a different grade level system, pupils will be placed according to Newland’s grade system.  Pupils need to have turned the appropriate age by September of the year of admission to be accepted.

Pre-school 1 (1-2yrs), Pre-school II (2-3yrs), Reception 1 (3- 4yrs), Reception II 94 – 5yrs), Year 1 (5 – 6yrs), Year 2 (6-7yrs), Year 3 (7-8 yrs.), Year 4 (8-9yrs) Year 5 (9-10 yrs.), Year 6 (10-11 yrs.)

Admission to Newland Elementary School may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Class size has reached capacity
  • Pupil has severe learning needs that cannot be accommodated in a regular class setting
  • Other reasons which may be in the best interest of the school and the Pupil as determined by the Head of Newland Elementary School

If spaces are limited in a particular grade, applicants who have met all admission requirements shall be admitted according to the following priorities:

  • Children who have brothers or sisters already in the school 
  • Children of teaching and administrative staff at Newland Elementary School
  • Recipients of competitive Newland Elementary School scholarships
  • Children of the international community not permanently residing in Nigeria.
  • All other pupils with appropriate academic background