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Newland Elementary School is a welcoming environment where teachers, staff, and parents work together to support children's learning and celebrate their gifts and talents. For over twenty years, the school has provided quality education for children from their preschool years through grade six.

What makes us unique?

Academic Excellence

Newland Elementary School:

  • Places high academic expectations and standards upon its pupils.
  • Is dedicated to offering developmentally appropriate curriculums that speak to the needs of each child.
  • Has small class sizes and caring educators that animate the school Mission and enable pupils to attain their academic potential.
  • Offers comprehensive curricula (British Curriculum with inclusion from the Nigerian and other vibrant curricula) that include: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Science, and Fine Arts, which includes drama, dance, art and music.
  • Provides all pupils access to a computer and the computer lab.
  • Uses interactive whiteboards and/or other technology as teaching tools.
  • Graduated pupils are sought after and accepted at many of the top-ranking secondary schools in the Country and abroad.

Achieving Very Nigh National and International Standards

Newland Elementary School offers pupils an educational program of very high national and international academic standards. The educational activities of our school foster the development of ethical values and behaviour leading to exemplary citizenship in further education, the community, nation and world. The curriculum promotes academic, aesthetic, physical and social growth, encouraging the pupils to inquire independently, evaluate and acquire knowledge critically and respect diversity. As a result, we anticipate exceptionally high performance from our pupils in secondary school and beyond.


Supporting Children with Different Learning Styles and Needs

Newland Elementary is committed to supporting the success of all our pupils. Depending on each child, the school approaches learning styles and needs differently. Teachers adapt assignments for accelerated learners achieving above grade level while for children that have a learning disability, or that are achieving below grade level, the school provides learning support services in certain areas including reading, mathematics and handwriting.


Low Pupil-Teacher Ratio.

The school has a low pupil-teacher ratio of 8:1. With every Foundation class having a teacher assistant and every elementary class having two fully qualified class teachers. This means your child will receive the valued individual attention they deserve.

Positive Approach to Discipline.

Newland elementary has an articulated disciplinary policy which subscribes to "positive discipline approach," Our school discipline policy aims to cultivate in pupils an acceptance and recognition of responsibility for their own decisions, their actions and consequences.  Good discipline practices create the conditions for effective learning and help to develop in children responsible attitudes and values for life.

It is the view of the Board of Governors of Newland Elementary School that effective learning can only take place in an atmosphere where standards of good behaviour are set as prerequisites.  Good behaviour is that conduct which assists the school to fulfil its function, namely THE FULL DEVELOPMENT OF THE POTENTIAL OF ITS PUPILS.

In Newland Elementary, emphasis is always on the positive approach because praise is more motivating than criticism.  In any case criticism always includes advice on how to improve and is constructive in its approach.  It is part of the school policy to emphasise positiveapproaches to maintain and improve discipline.

Behaviour Modification

Newland Elementary school has a fully functional whole School behaviour Policy.

At Newland School we believe that:

  • Pupils want to behave well. We believe that our pupils are happy when they behave well and when that behaviour is recognized by adults and their peers.
  • Pupils can learn to improve their behaviour. Our pupils work at learning. Learning new behaviour is a task, just like learning to read or write.
  • Mistakes are part of the learning process. We understand poor behaviour as a mistake which can be rectified. We don’t make a judgement about it – instead we support our pupils to get it right. Practice improves performance.
  • All adults can learn strategies to support pupils to improve their behaviour. Developing an understanding of why children behave as they do; a positive attitude to the child and his/her behaviour and effective strategies for managing that behaviour is a core requirement of the job at Newland School.

We support our pupils by:

  • The quality of our relationships with each other and them
  • The quality of our relationships with our pupils.
  • The quality of the teaching we provide

Because we are able to meet each child at his/her point of learning, in most cases poor behaviour decreases/disappears. We do this by:

  • accurately assess the pupils’ learning e.g. learning ability, learning style and level of achievement in order to move them on
  • plan to meet the pupils’ range of needs e.g. equipment, seating, groupings etc
  • know what the pupils believe they can do i.e. self-esteem, self-image and adjust expectations accordingly
  • know what motivates each pupil and use it to help him/her achieve
  • carefully plan lessons to ensure that we meet each pupil at his/her point of learning • include the pupils in the target setting and evaluation process, using appropriate language(self-assessment)
  • give the pupils feedback on progress in a supportive way, focusing particularly on their achievements and what they need to do to make further progress
  • praise the pupils for their specific achievements i.e. descriptive praise
  • actively teach the pupils positive learning behaviours, so that they know what to do to ensure successful lessons

Corporal Punishment– is illegal and is never used at Newland School

Bullying - We do not tolerate bullying at Newland School and is never ignored.

  • Every instance is addressed, in line with the school’s behaviour policy, with each pupil involved taking responsibility for his/her actions, apologising and agreeing to tostop the behaviour causing concern
  • The agreement is monitored by the class teacher to ensure that the bullying has ceased

Child Safety, Welfare and Protection

Newland Elementary School has a fully developed Safeguarding, Welfare and Child Protection Policy.

Newland Elementary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all the children in the school and all staff and volunteers share this commitment. The School takes all reasonable measures to ensure that we practise safer recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers that work with the children at school

Every complaint or suspicion of abuse from within or outside the School is taken seriously and in all proper circumstances referred to the social services department of the local authority may involve the child protection unit of the police if appropriate. If there is an allegation of abuse against a child, the matter is referred by the head of the School, who is the designated child protector for the school.

The school curriculum is important for the protection of children. We aim to ensure that curriculum development meets the following objectives. (These are often met through the PHSE and citizenship curriculum)

  • Developing pupil’s self–esteem;
  • Developing communication skills;
  • Informing about all aspects of risk;
  • Developing strategies for self-protection;
  • Developing a sense of the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in adults;
  • Developing non-abusive behaviour between pupils.

Safe Physical Environment

The physical environment of the school is safe, clean, and comfortable creating a positive school climate that is noticeable once you walk into the school.

Newland Elementary School has balanced the need to remain a welcoming environment to the community whilst ensuring the safety of all our pupils and staff. The school takes all reasonable efforts to restrict access to the building and grounds to prevent unauthorised access to children and ensure the personal safety of staff.

The four sides of the school are protected by high fences with gates for the main school entrance. Aside from resumption and closing times, the gates are locked to ensure the safety of the children and staff. Access is not be given without interrogating visitors and ensuring security procedures have been complied with.

There are external cameras covering several areas of the school including the front gate. Signage informs people that CCTV is in operation.

Collaborative Teaching

At Newland Elementary, teachers collaborate and have a unifying vision and goal for their pupils. Teachers of the same grade collaborate on the curriculum, so they cover the same material and give the same amount of assignments, projects and homework. Teachers have regular meetings to discuss projects, teaching techniques, and specific Pupils. The school has a "Professional teaching community" where teacher meets regularly to talk about their teaching challenges, which in turn improves teaching effectiveness and morale.


Newland Elementary School believes in educating the whole child.  It:

  • Prepares pupils to be life-long learners with steadfast moral character.
  • Fosters teamwork, respect and healthy competition through various intra and inter-school competitions.
  • Promotes non-academic enrichment activities and a variety of clubs and societies including, chess, cookery, Taekwondo, dance (creative dance, ballet, hip hop), science, football, photography, reading, scout, brownies, Red Cross etc.

Meeting your practical needs

Newland Elementary school offer several services to meet parents’ practical needs. These include;

  • Crèche Services
  • School Bus Services: Air-conditioned buses that provide safe, supervised conveyance journeys to and from school daily.
  • School Meal
  • After-School Care
  • After-School Care with home-work Services