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The Chessboard is not just a game we play for leisure but its also a tool to aid the intellectual development of young people and Chess is significant in cognitive and artificial intellectual studies. For life is a game of chess in which we have points to gain and competitors to contend with. By playing this game, these are some key areas young people can benefit from -

Brain Growth
Chess challenges the brain by stimulating growth of the dendrites – bodies that send out signals from the brains’ neuron cells. With more dendrites, neural communication within the brain and becomes faster. Encourage your kids to play Chess because it stimulates the mental capacity of the brain and increases their IQ. Scientific studies have proven that playing chess can improve an individual's IQ. A study 4000 Venezuelan students produced significant rise in IQ scores of both male and female students after four months of chess instruction.

When kids play chess, it sparks the creativity their creativity and helps to unleash the originality in them because it activates the right side of the brain which is responsible for creativity. A four-year study had students from grade 7-9 play Chess, operate computers and do some other activities for a period of 32 weeks, once weekly . The chess group scored higher in all measures of creativity compared to the others.

Problem-solving and Reading Skills
Playing chess requires fast thinking and problem solving on-the-Go because your opponent is constantly changing the parameters. Scientific studies have also shown that when kids play Chess, there was an increased performance in reading due high stimulation of the brain cells and development of strategic and critical thinking.

Planning, Foresight and Memory Improvement
Playing chess helps to promote prefrontal cortex development which is one of the last part of the brain to develop during adolescence. This area is responsible for planning, judgment and self control. It helps adolescents in making better decisions which keeps them from endangering their lives through risky choices.

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