Digital Education In Nigeria

"The world is a Global village” is a saying which is over a decade old, but its gradually but becoming a daily reality in Nigeria and across the sub-saharan region. With the increase in mobile devices and cheap high-speed internet which serve as platforms for many socio-economic technologies, the New educational technologies are yet to revolutionize most of our schools. This has led to a growing divide in access to the vast opportunities that abound in this sector.
In some parts of Nigeria, the use of Digital learning tools has been embraced as a large number of schools are turning to digital products and system which includes learning management systems to help solve the nation's educational challenges. As much as there is real potential for digital technology to change the educational sector, it must be applied effectively to achieve the desired aim. When technologies with designated capacities are employed, it can engage learners in more interactive learning and provide them with skills needed for employability. 
The National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) has also partnered with some stakeholders to launch an innovative eCurriculum. This is a complete teaching and learning tool which helps teachers teach and students learn better. The solution provides interactive and collaborative learning environment for the teachers and students. 
To achieve the transformation we desire in our education sector, key decision makers saddled with this responsibility must ensure that whatever technology is invested in must be effective in improving learning outcomes.

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