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Video games are fun and a great source of relaxation and recreation for the young and old. Although there are arguments on the subject of video games based on the depiction of violence, sexual themes and the consumption of alcohol which many believe leads to violent behaviour and negative communication among children. But there are also some video games which are good for the mental development of children as it demands more from the player unlike the traditional games like ludo.

In video games, the player must determine the objectives and how to complete them. They must learn the game controls and human-machine interface works including the menus. Playing video games requires analytical, flexibility and adaptability skills because it involves the process of learning boundaries , goals and a great deal of patience and focus from the player. Also research has shown that video game players beat non players in visuo-motor skills including sensitivity to information in peripheral vision and resistance to distraction. Some of the skills developed through video games can be applicable at the workplace.

Despite all the benefits of playing video games, when it is over-indulged in and not controlled, it can lead to addiction in children. Time management is important in the development of a child and it helps to in still discipline in children during their formative years. So the time children spend playing games must be controlled by making a detailed schedule of their gaming time and other activities. Parents should also focus on educational games to boost the intellectual capacity of the children.

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